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Building brand image

Through series actions on the TikTok Platform, we can help creators build their image based on their interests, talent, potential, and characteristics. Every creator who joins gets basic training related to TikTok Affiliate & TikTok Shop and how to match their making interest with existing industry categories.

F-commerce mcn team discusssing strategy to incrrease daily perfomace

Creating brand awareness

Helping KOL creating brand awareness to achieve powerful brand by continuous action in Tiktok platform.

F-commerce mcn team analyze daily perfomance


Connecting & facilitating creators to have partnership with curated brands-Managing creators to generate revenue-Managing creators to affiliate.

MCN team bonding in end of daily meeting session to achieve the target
creators and more
  • one of f-commerce best content female creator of MCN team


    @anyaanjanii @anyaanjanii

    (2.6M folls on Tiktok)

    Anya Anjani is one of the verified creators on TikTok and has an interest in skincare & fashion. In addition, Anya Anjani's profile can also attract the segmentation of the young mother market.

  • one of f-commerce best content male creator of MCN team


    @its.gilang1 @its.gilang1

    (1.6M folls on Tiktok)

    Gilang is a verified content creator and has experience as a brand ambassador for several skincare products. In addition to skincare products, Gilang also has an interest in fashion and this is able to differentiate his internet profile.

  • another of f-commerce best content female creator of MCN team


    @nayyarafeeza09 @nayyarafeeza09

    (1.8M folls on Tiktok)

    Nayya is a verified content creator, specializing in dance, lip-synching and makeup. People love her for her Korean makeup look. Fans also enjoy her fashion sense.

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